VENITA is a bi-coastal private stylist. Based in San Francisco Bay Area, she frequently travels to work with clients in New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle.

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Styling Services


No matter which of my services are right for you, my first objective will be to hear about your goals. How do you want to look? What do you want to feel? How much (or how little) time do you want to

dedicate to this? What are your price perimeters?

You’ll complete an online style profile and from there we’ll work out a personalized plan including some combination of the options detailed here.


Initial Style Consultation & Closet Cleanse

This service is about cleaning house. You and I will go through your entire wardrobe together and discuss what works, what doesn’t, and how and where we need to augment and improve.

We’ll also:

-Generate necessary measurements and sizing information

-Select existing pieces to form a foundation for your future wardrobe

-Establish which items should be donated to charity and/or consigned

-Create a shopping list of items and styles

-Generate a color analysis and choose the best shades for your eyes, hair and skin tone


Personal Shopping

There’s an art and a science to how clothes fit and frame our bodies—and to shopping for them, too. I can teach you the ropes, or I can take care of most of it for you. (I really only need you when it comes to

trying them on, and even that doesn’t always have to happen in-store.)

Depending on your involvement level, this service may or may not include:

-Pre-shopping without you to pull styles and setup the dressing room

-Fit analysis by designer

-Outfit ideation and generation


Styling Wardrobe

With all these new tools in your kit, you’ll be eager to discover creative ways of using them. We’ll go through your new and existing pieces together to create your new signature look.

We’ll also:

-Photograph and document key looks and how-to-wear tips

-Create an Evernote digital file for easy access

suit case of clothing.jpg

Special Event/Occasion

Oftentimes weddings, galas, awards shows, parties and big presentations require special attention. Whenever you’ve got something looming on your calendar, we’ll establish a plan for outfitting it—whether

that means styling what you already have or shopping for a few new pieces. Fittings and alterations included.


Personalized Style Guide

If ‘What should I wear?’ is your least favorite question, consider the Venita customized guide. This print and digital reference material is organized via occasion (work, weekend, date night, etc.) and makes

use of your new and existing garments. (Depending on wardrobe needs, I typically schedule two to three shopping trips before creating the guide.) What if you actually started to look forward to making this decision?


Personal Shopping Options

Once the initial wardrobe is established we can transition to a new working relationship, be it virtual or IRL.

Depending on what best suits your needs, I can:

-Bring seasonal refreshes new additions to your home

-Create head to toe looks via online shopping, and send theme via email

-Host a virtual style session on Skype, Facetime, and/or Google Hangouts


Travel - Styling & Packing

Let me do the packing for you, so that planning your next vacation is stress-free. I’ll create looks based on your itinerary, pick items from your existing wardrobe that can be worn multiple ways, while helping

you save time and space in your luggage.


2-Day Destination Package

Don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area? Let me come to you.


-Initial Style Consultation & Closet Cleanse (see details above)

-Personal Shopping (see details above)

-Styling Wardrobe (see details above)